• Belungkor

    Our Quarry products form the base for all operations located at Belungkor. which production area about 256 Acre.

  • Rocks

    Large stocks are kept to service many popular applications ie., in agriculture, building, civil engineering and concrete manufacture.

  • Sea Defence

    Specific products are also produced for specialised operations. Working closely with contractors, past demands have been met for stone products in sea defences, pipe laying, landfill sites.

Quarry Products

Armour Rock Filling (Type-A)

This huge size (500kg) armour rock mainly use in project like sea, river, highway. Supply for use as retaining wall.

Armour Rock Filling (Type-B)

For use in bulk filling applications where depths in excess of 1 feet to 2 feet are required. To make up levels over low lying ground. Typical applications would be access roads into sites, formation of yards, reclamation, making up levels around new buildings.

6 inches x 9 inches gabion stone

Selected clean stone for use in gabion cages in retaining wall construction and hand placing in river revetments and embankments.

4 inches crusher stone

Premium grade product. 4 inches graded to dust, for construction of roads, carparks and hard standings where depths in excess of 6 inches are required.