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    Supported by strong fleet of quarry team!

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    Cost effective processes coupled with uncompromising standards regarding quality have always served the business well.

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    Site visit by business associate
    from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Asia Paka Quarry Sdn Bhd was founded in 2000 and has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of high quality quarry products in Johor State of Malaysia.

Asia Paka Quarry Sdn Bhd take an uncompromising approach to quality in both the products we make and the service we provide. We believe our customer service is unmatched in the industry and we focus on getting the details right to ensure our customers receive a seamless service. When you work with the Asia Paka Quarry team you’ll rest assured we’re a company you can rely on. Whatever your requirements, contact us today to find out how Asia Paka Quarry can provide the service and the products you need.


We responsibly turn around and deliver demanding orders of aggregates and quarry products quickly, without compromising on safety, value or quality.

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Our state of the art complete quarry facility located just north of Singapore, South of Johor State, and located at Sungai Belungkur, check out some of our video.


We are leading manufacturers of quarry product in Malaysia that operates a major production facility on a 256 acre site serviced by own modern transport fleet.